Who we are

We are a Bible teaching church and would love to help you grow. Being taught the Word of God on a regular basis is essential to growing in your Christian walk.

You will find what we believe by clicking here at statements of faith.

Our core values are shown below.


As a church, we care about and value many things. But our core values are the guard that keeps us focused on church mission. Our core values determine what we do in ministry. They drive our biblical teaching, determine how we reach and minister to families, and how we get involved with those who are hungry, hurt and lost.

  • We value bible authority – The Bible is our guide for living. It provides the foundation for what we do and believe. We don’t have all the answers about the Bible, but we do trust that it is God’s perfect word to us
  • We value teaching for life change – Teaching is for the entire family. Our goal is to help each person understand God’s word and His principals for living, through bible study and practical applications. We will do everything we can to provide answers to questions that we all have about life and God
  • We value growing in faith – God works according to the size of our faith. Our aim is to follow his leading, no matter how difficult the journey appears. The goal is to go all-in for God. This means supporting our members and surrounding communities according to God’s leading and to present Him in a way so people can fully understand how he works in their lives
  • We value Simplicity in programming – We keep things simple. We avoid adding programs for the sake of adding them. We provide clarity on ”next steps” for every person to take. We lead and manage the ministry (generally) without committees and church meetings
  • We value serving the ministry – We believe the church should be a home for people of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds. People matter to God. They matter to us. And we should witness to and befriend people as often as possible to introduce them the Jesus Christ and the church